Date: 8th March 2009 at 12:14pm
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Following Wycombe’s late equaliser against Chesterfield yesterday, here are some views on the game from Spireites’ manager Lee Richardson and a few of their fans.

Richardson told Spireites World that he thought it was another fantastic away performance from his team.

‘I thought Wycombe didn’t really look like scoring and we controlled the game and always looked likely to get another goal on the counter,’ said Richardson.

He added that if Jack Lester had converted the penalty it might have given his team ‘enough breathing space to have gone on and got more goals.’

But he refused to blame Lester, saying: ‘Jack’s the club’s top goal scorer and if he feels confident enough to take a penalty I won’t knock him for that.’

‘You can’t fault the players or the supporters who were in my opinion the best on the day.’ said the Chesterfield boss.’

Richardson was not impressed by what he described as an ‘Awful pitch.’

‘Wycombe have won ugly more than most and I think they have the lowest shots total in the league,’ said Richardson

‘They are playing on an awful pitch. They are another club that have allowed Rugby to be played on their pitch,’ he said, adding that: “Wycombe have to play on it week in, week out, so perhaps that’s the reason they play the way they do.’

The Chesterfield Boss even went as far as to suggest that he would: ‘Rather see teams deducted points for playing Rugby on their pitch than for going into administration because it’s ruining football at this level.’

The Chesterfield fans were disappointed not to have collected all three points.

The following extracts are taken from the Chesterfield Official Message Board, BBC606 and ‘The Football Forum’.

lindave wrote:
‘I can’t help feeling sick as a parrot after today’s brilliant display. We deserved to win. Apart from the result, we outplayed Taylor’s boys without going too defensive towards the end.

gloucestershireblue wrote:
‘Thought Town were fantastic today. I have never been to a game where the home supporters were so quiet! Town supporters were fantastic all game.

Tom CFC wrote:
‘Was a great performance from us, shame we didn’t get what we deserved, Talbot, Lester and Downes were superb, as were the rest of them to be honest. Fans were quality again, got myself a sore throat now. Play like that consistently and there is no reason why we can’t claw ourselves back into it.’

spireite 1866 wrote:
‘We were very good, played them off the park and if it wasn’t for their keeper and our poor finishing, the game would easily have been over before their goal.’

rudidavies-hasNINJAskills wrote:
‘They didn’t really create any good chances and I don’t think Tommy Lee had many shots to deal with. I thought we could have and should have taken the 3 points!’

Blueprint wrote:
‘I doubt that’s the first time Wycombe have played poorly and not lost this season. They don’t play attractive football, they try to win each game 1-0. But they’ve only lost 4 games all season so a point at a team with that type of record is still quite good.’

cfc_on_tour wrote:
‘I thought Wycombe were a poor side. We are a mid table team and I thought we could have won it by three or four in the end.’

spireiteblue wrote:
‘If I worked it out correctly that’s the 5th time they have scored after 90 or more minutes this season. To be honest I was expecting them to score. That’s how it goes when you’re at the top of the league. They were very lucky today.’

On some of our players..

Spire123 wrote:
‘Something that I hate to admit is that Tommy Doherty stood out today as an excellent player but he is a nasty piece of work. He sure was good but I wouldn’t have him because of his disciplinary record ‘

rudidavies-hasNINJAskills wrote:
‘Their main threat was their left winger, Zebroski. Their centre back McCracken was poor, he seemed to panic when he had the ball and hesitated a lot. Also, their left back Woodman just couldn’t handle Talbot.’

lindave wrote:
‘I wish we had Doherty in the centre of our midfield, what a classy player.’

fearsghost wrote:
‘I was saying all through the game what a quality midfielder Doherty is. He never put a foot wrong. Excellent control, classy distribution and a determination to get stuck in. No wonder Wycombe are so high up with a player like him playing for them in the middle of the park.’

On the referee…

rudidavies-hasNINJAskills wrote:
‘I must admit the ref was a bit whistle happy at times.’

spireiteblue wrote:
‘Matt Harrold should have been booked but apart from his failure not to dish them a couple of bookings, I have no qualms with today’s ref.’

lindave wrote:
‘I thought the referee and his linesmen all had good games today.’

On their penalty miss…

gloucestershireblue wrote:
‘The worst part was the penalty miss. I think Jack tried to be clever and pass it down the centre of the goal. Why he didn’t hit it with pace I don’t know. They would have been dead and buried if that had gone in.’

lindave wrote:
‘Jack,as much as I love him must be banned from taking anymore penalties. As soon as I saw him grab the ball I knew he was going to miss, it was a pathetic effort.’

Spire123 wrote:
‘Jack is the best striker in the league bar none but when will he learn he can’t take a penalty. As soon as he picked the ball up today I knew the chance was gone.’

And finally a bit of praise…

lindave wrote:
‘Well done to Wycombe, not a copper in sight, plenty of friendly stewards who treated every fan with respect. They have a lovely little ground and they are a very good family orientated club who deserve success. That was a nice touch before the game today when they paraded 100 odd ex-Wycombe heroes. When we do finally play our last game at Saltergate I hope we will parade our legends on the hallowed turf.’